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A Mel Foster Co. agent can help you set a realistic sales price that could bring in multiple offers. Since most of the activity happens in the first three and a half weeks a house is on the market, it is very important to price your home correctly to yield the highest return possible, with the fewest days on the market. Your agent has a variety of pricing tools available and will conduct a competitive market analysis to determine your home’s sales price.

Competitive Market Analysis Contents

  • Comparable sold and sale pending properties
  • Competing property inventory analysis
  • Comparable lots in your location
  • Property evaluation and condition comparison
  • List of amenities
  • Square footage

As a seller, there are several things you can do to have a positive selling experience.

Rely on your Mel Foster Co. agent to determine the sales price. Your agent has the experience to tell you what a buyer might be willing to pay for your home. Never price your home based on the profit you need to net. This can result in overpricing, which may leave your house on the market longer than you desire.

Prepare your property inside and out for open houses. A staged home in good condition will receive the best offers.

Be flexible with your closing date. A buyer may pay a premium for a closing date of their choice.

Factors beyond your control

In real estate, sometimes it is all about location, location, location. Buyers consider street traffic, proximity to interstates, schools and shopping when purchasing a home.

Competition, interest rates, the economy and consumer confidence will all impact the sale of your home. While we cannot control these factors, we must consider them when deciding the marketing and pricing strategies.