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Most homes need a little sprucing up before hitting the market. A fresh coat of paint might be all it takes. Your Mel Foster Co. agent can give you honest feedback. Download the seller's checklist for a complete list of preparations.

Easy and affordable tips for sellers

  • Your lawn and landscape should be trimmed, sidewalks swept, front door clean, and doorbell working. Great curb appeal will get more prospects into your home.
  • Open the curtains or blinds and clean the windows so a prospect can see how bright and cheerful your home is.
  • Make your bathroom sparkle! Clean thoroughly and repair any damaged or discolored caulking and broken tiles.
  • Make your closets look larger by removing seasonal items that can be stored elsewhere. Neat, well-organized closets show there is ample closet and storage space.
  • Remove excess furniture and clutter. Keep toys, newspapers, and other articles picked up and stored. Clean stairways are essential.
  • Let prospects see the full value of your basement, attic, garage, and closets by making all these areas accessible. Rent a short-term storage space if necessary.

Your agent sees hundreds of homes and can recommend improvements that have the highest return on investment. A potential buyer may pay more for a home with an updated kitchen or bathroom. New windows tell a buyer your home is well maintained.

10 best improvements

  • Siding (fiber cement, vinyl or foam-backed vinyl)
  • Front door
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Windows
  • Bathroom remodel
  • Mid-range attic bedroom remodel
  • Mid-range garage door
  • High-end garage door
  • New wood deck
  • Mid-range vinyl siding

Home staging sells homes 30-50% faster.

Staging makes your home look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, and more enticing to potential buyers. Staging is more than an exercise in tasteful interior design. It is a business decision that will have an enormous impact on your financial return.

Mel Foster Co. has several agents who are certified in the staging of your property to attract potential buyers. Accredited Staging Professionals® (ASP) are highly skilled and certified in creating just the right atmosphere that will appeal to all five senses of every buyer.