The Selling Process | Quad Cities Real Estate
Image of a Nice Suburban Home


Listing signed

Find an agent familiar with your neighborhood and meet to determine if you are comfortable working together. You'll then sign an agreement for your agent to list your property for sale.

Office work begins

Your agent starts the process of gathering information about your home, taking photos, and preparing paperwork to list your home.

Multiple listing

Your agent will prepare a description of your home with features, measurements, and relevant information for buyers and will enter this data into the multiple-listing service.

Contact prospects

Your agent will announce your home is for sale at an office meeting and will make contact with other agents or clients looking for a home to purchase.


Your agent will coordinate an open house just for other agents. This sneak peek helps you receive feedback from other agents. One of these agents may have a potential buyer for your home.

Open house

Your agent will schedule an open house that works with your schedule and will host the openings.

Offer received

Count on your agent to help you determine a fair offer price and navigate the paperwork.


A back and forth process your agent facilitates will help you reach agreeable terms with the buyer.

Offer accepted

You accept the buyer's offer and their earnest money deposit.

Mechanical inspections

The buyer will likely request a home inspection to determine if there are any mechanical or structural issues.


The buyer's lender will require an appraisal of the home to make sure the loan value does not exceed the value of the home.


An underwriter evaluates the quality of the loan, the buyer's credit history, collateral and ability to pay off the loan. The underwriter makes the final decision on the loan approval.

Loan approval

Loan underwriter makes final approval, and your closing date and time are set.

Title search

The history of the property is reviewed to determine if there are any liens or judgments on the property.

Assemble papers

Your agent will assist you in gathering paperwork to prepare for closing.


Final documents are reviewed and signed. Closing usually takes an hour. You will hand over keys to the property and supply any required documentation.