The Buying Process | Quad Cities Real Estate
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Following these steps will help ensure you have a positive buying experience with Mel Foster Co.

Agent interview

Find an agent familiar with your desired neighborhood, and meet to determine if you are a good fit to work with each other.

Loan preparation

Gather all of the documents you'll need to meet with a lender.

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Work with your agent to narrow down your options.

Select Properties

View homes

Visit open houses with your agent or ask your agent to set up a showing with sellers.

Write offer

Your agent to help you determine a fair offer price, navigate the elements of the offer paperwork, and the earnest money deposit.


A back and forth process that your agent can facilitate will help you reach agreeable terms with the seller.

Offer accepted

The seller accepts your offer and your agent begins the paperwork for the lender.

Final application

Your good faith estimate will be provided by your lender along with your firm interest rate. A property appraisal, inspections, insurance and underwriting paperwork will be completed.

Loan approval

Loan underwriter makes final approval and your closing date and time are set.

Title search

The history of the property is reviewed to determine if there are any liens or judgments on the property.


Final documents are reviewed and signed. Closing usually takes an hour. You may be required to bring a check and your photo ID.


Ask your agent for recommendations about moving companies and contact your new city to set up your utilities.