Building FAQ | New Construction in Quad Cities
Image of Brand New Row Houses


Does the builder provide a warranty?

Yes, in most instances the builder will provide a one-year warranty on the construction of the home. Many ask you to wait for 10 or 11 months and will then return to fix issues before the warranty expires.

What is the dollar per square foot cost to build a new home?

There is no exact price per square foot. It typically costs more to build a ranch than a two-story of the same square footage because there is more foundation and roofing with the wider floor plan.

Is the price negotiable?

Yes, unless the house is a presold. The builder prices the home according to bids from subcontractors. You may be able to add/delete some options to get to your ideal price. For upgrades, your loan officer can help you determine if it is smarter to do them initially or wait.

How long will it take to build a home?

This depends on size, time of year, material availability and your ability to make decisions quickly.

What lots do you have available?

Lot availability depends on your price range. Your agent can guide you on a lot price that is based on the footage requirements some subdivisions have.

What is the best time of year to start building a new home?

Any time of year, as long as the temperature is 16 degrees and rising. Spring may be the least desirable time to start building because of spring showers. Rain can put construction behind schedule.

Who carries the construction loan?

In most areas, the builder carries the construction loan.

Can we visit the construction site at any time? Can we visit without our REALTOR®?

Depending on the builder, most builders do not have an objection. Some builders prefer your real estate agent to be present with you on the site.

When will my property taxes go up?

Taxes depend on when the house construction is started and when it is completed. You should start seeing full taxation within a year and a half after completion of the home.

What differentiates some builders from others?

A builder's style, attention to detail and choice of subcontractors are major considerations. Make sure the builder designs and builds your home to fit your lifestyle and your budget.