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At Mel Foster Co., fulfilling communities' real estate dreams and visions goes beyond building and selling homes and buildings. We realize that the strongest communities are built by the contribution from concerned citizens and businesses working together to provide voluntary services and financial support. Our sales associates, staff and management team enthusiastically support the objectives of community service in the Quad Cities and all of the cities and towns that we work and live in.

A strong sense of family and community prevails at Mel Foster Co. We are proud to assist in building strong foundations necessary to support the continued growth and well being of our communities.

Mel Foster Co. created Color the Quads, a 5K adult run/walk and a kids run that is different than any other local charity runs. Color races allow runners and walkers to be blasted with a safe, washable colored cornstarch powder, which adds to the fun and creates a wildly colorful racecourse and finish line. All of the proceeds are donated to charities voted on by the agents, staff and management. In 2014, $60,000 was donated to three charities and in 2015, $70,000 was raised for three charities. The final Color the Quads 5K will be May 21, 2016.

Donation vs. Sponsorship

Donations are based on philanthropy that involves the contribution of cash, cash-equivalents, or in-kind goods or services with no implicit expectation on the part of the donor.

Sponsorships are partnerships negotiated with another organization to support an event or fund raising activity, where the sponsor receives recognition for their investment.

Submission Guidelines

Requests are reviewed on the first Tuesday of every month. Any application submission received late will not be reviewed until the next monthly review and will be declined if event has already been held..

Mel Foster Co. does not provide funding for operational costs or deficits, travel expenses, religious or political activities, individual pursuits, or any projects or events taking place outside the communities where we do business.

Organizations requesting contributions must be operated for public purposes and qualify as a non-profit, tax exempt organization under IRS rules. As much as Mel Foster Co. would like to support every cause, we do adhere to a budget and cannot grant every request.

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